2021-09-13 15:45:27
hey yall heyyy!!!!!
2021-09-09 16:19:33
Hey Queens!!!! Just Checking in!!! How is the week going after the holidays
2021-09-07 13:24:09
Hey ladies!!!! How is the challenge going?! Would you all like it if I went live for a workout???!
2021-09-02 16:40:36
One more day left of the week! How does everyone feel??!
2021-08-31 20:11:01
Hey Girls! How was Day 2?!
shannell Waters: Day 2 was good I’m getting back into the grove of things. Haven’t worked out constantly in some time.
2021-08-31 07:11:07
& don’t be afraid to post your workout videos here!! I wanna see
2021-08-31 07:08:39
Morning Ladies!!! Day 2 Leggo!
2021-08-30 15:51:20
Hey Everyone!!!!! I’m ready to get some killer curves
2021-08-30 15:45:27
Ladies dont forget to upload progress pictures as well!!!!!!! there just might be a surprise to the girl who has the best 30 day transformation❤️
2021-08-30 14:28:19
hey girls! can everyone access their workouts????
shannell Waters: Yes ma’am!